Completed Programmes and Projects

  1. Status of Dalit Development in Punjab’ sponsored by Institute of Development and Communication, Chandigarh , 2016

  2. The Scheduled Castes in Karnataka – A Study of Change and Persistent Inequalities in their Economic and Social Conditions and Policy Suggestion Issues sponsored by Center for Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, National Law School of India University, Bangalore , 2016

  3. Implementation of Social Protection Programmes in India: The Gaps and Challenges sponsored by Southern Voice, Dhaka , 2016

  4. Dalit Human Rights in South Asia: Regional Synthesis Report sponsored by Christian Aid, India , 2016

  5. Empowering Adolescent Girls and Boys for Improving Reproductive and Social Health sponsored by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India , 2016

  6. Effectiveness of Job Reservation in India , 2015

  7. Deprivation in Access to Basic Amenities in India: Analysis by Social Groups and States, 2001–2011 , 2015

  8. Progress of Reservation Policies in Employment and Education , 2015

  9. Privatisation of Higher Education and its Impact on Access of Social Groups and Strategies to Provide Financial Assistance: An All-India and State-Level Analysis , 2015

  10. Status of Dalit Women in India , 2015

  11. Rural Housing Shortages in India-2012 and Aspects of Caste and Ethnic Groups , 2015

  12. Urban Housing Shortages in India–2012 and Aspects of Economic Category, Caste and Ethnicity , 2015

  13. Dr. Ambedkar on Democracy , 2015

  14. Status of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in India , 2015

  15. Ambedkar and Women Empowerment , 2015

  16. Status of Inclusive Governance: Representation of Dalits in Executive, Legislation, Administration and Other Decision Making Bodies , 2015

  17. Study of the Dynamics and Processes of Exclusion and Discrimination in Maternal and Child Health Services among Dalits and Minorities , 2014

  18. Inclusion in Integrated Child Development Services , 2014

  19. Inclusion in Total Sanitation Campaign , 2014

  20. International and National Policies and Best Practices of Inclusion in Health, Education and Sanitation , 2014

  21. Criminal Stigma, Social Exclusion and Livelihoods: A Study of Denotified Tribes in India , 2014

  22. Diversity, Academic Performance, and Discrimination: A Case Study of a Higher Educational Institution , 2014

  23. Nature and Forms of Discrimination Experienced by Dalit Women in Urban Labour Market in Delhi , 2014

  24. Access and Equity in Higher Education: Aspects of Gender, Caste, Ethnicity, Religion, Occupation, and Economic Groups in Rural and Urban Areas during Pre- and Post-reform Periods , 2014

  25. Dalit Women in Indian Politics: Issues of Political Representation , 2014

  26. Dalits in Maharashtra , 2014

  27. How does Social Protection Contribute to Social Inclusion in India: Evidences from the National Health Insurance Programme (RSBY) in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh , 2014

  28. Role of Social Protection in Food Security for Socially Excluded Groups in India , 2014

  29. Excluded and Indigenous Groups: Lessons from Indian Affirmative Action Policy for Post 2015 Millennium Development Goals Strategy , 2013

  30. Diversity, Academic Performance, and Discrimination: A Case Study of a Higher Educational Institution. , 2013

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